Sketch It

 Sketch It

Because drawing a line should be easy



Sketch It allows you to turn your computer into a virtual drawing pad. No longer do you need an expensive tablet or digitizer to draw your ideas on your screen.

Over the years, Sketch It has proven to be a useful tool for individuals in a variety of areas.
Tech Support

Tech Support
Use Sketch It to point out items of interest on a clients computer.

Tech Support Teachers
Use Sketch It along with a projector to make annotations on presentations or work math problems.

Tech Support Architect
Create a quick mockup for a client or illustrate changes on an existing blueprint or design.

Tech Support Children
Children love using Sketch It to create drawings.



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Sketch It Beta

Sketch It Beta


Have an idea for a cool new feature that you’d like to see in Sketch It? You’re in luck! Check out the Google Moderator page for Sketch It to submit and vote on your favorite ideas.

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