Sketch It Features

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Sketch It Features

Help Shape the future of Sketch It by voting on, and submitting, new features.

I’m really excited about this. In the past I’ve used E-mail or forums to allow people to submit bug reports and feature requests. This works, however the end result is a lot of duplicate, unorganized information being sent from various individuals.

To help try and solve this problem, and to give users the ability to see their ideas brought to life, I’ve started a Google Moderator page for Sketch It. This page will allow users to both submit and vote on, different feature requests. The voting system ensures that the more popular ideas filter their way to the top and are worked on first by myself.

Another nice feature of the Moderator page is that bug reports can be filed in the same way that feature requests are. Users can up-vote the more prevalent bugs so that they get priority.

My hope is that this will allow you, the user, to have more impact on the direction that Sketch It is headed. Feel free to add a comment below with your thoughts or ideas about this new system

Sketch It Feature Request

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